Working from Home Means You’ll Have More Time to Play-the Play Jar Episode 5

Working from home for you may not mean the same thing for you that means for me. In fact, for most folks it means starting up a business doing taxes on the side, sowing, or even doing woodworking. There isn’t anything wrong with any of these things, but if you set up a traditional business you’ll be following the standard business  model. This means set hours, set pay, and not really choosing who you get to work with and how you work with them.

The biggest and most important thing you can take away from all of this, and what it means to work a 4 hour work week, is that anything is possible. However, if you want to learn how to really play and enjoy your life, which is what living is about, then it’s about setting up the perfect work environment for yourself and your family. This means that if you choose to work from home with a more traditional job setting, you’ll lose some freedom. This is why we believe in entrepreneurship.

The education of yesterday is outdated, and things have changed. It’s time for you to learn something different for yourself. This is about taking chances, and learning what it takes to really and truly becoming wealthy, and do more than just work for someone else,  long hard hours doing things you don’t really enjoy. If you want to get a better look at how we discovered the joy of working from home and abroad and what that can offer you, keep reading!

Working from Home Means PURE Freedom!

Okay, so in episode 5, we learned that freedom is working from home, or the ability to work from anywhere. In Thailand, the experience is awesome for this first group. Going out on the yacht in Chalong Pier is amazing, and it gives each team member a sense of what life can be like when they achieve the success they desire in the future.

You’ve seen the one-on-one interviews with each team member throughout each episode, and you’ve heard what they had to say about what they want in life, and where they want to go. I think we all want FREEDOM at the end of the day. The thing is, until you get there, you may need someone to help you open your eyes to what it is like to be free.

Glenn Arcaro, Kam Schwarts, and Dakota Mclearn all know the same thing, and that is that FREEDOM is essential to happiness. Going to school and getting a degree is good, but is it paying off now? The leaders in Empower Network will all tell you that there is nothing like working for yourself. Teaching others is what helps build teams, and above all, giving back to others is what makes this all worthwhile.

So, what does it take to live this lifestyle by design?

  1. Knowing your WHY
  2. BELIEF in yourself
  3. Thinking BIG

These have to come first, otherwise everything else is null and void.  Online marketing is just one of the best avenues to get there, but if you don’t believe, it won’t matter what you do.

Working from Home Changes Your Life

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? Would you prefer to be on a yacht and going snorkeling like the folks in this video? Would you prefer to be a stay at home mom? There isn’t a wrong answer here. Each of has our own path.

Project AWOL was designed to help you, and anyone that wants to change their life and learn more about building their business online. This may be reality TV, but what you are watching is real. I am living it right now. I am traveling, meeting new people and learning a lot.

Working from home can truly change your life, but the question is, “Do you believe it can?”

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