Warren Buffet Net Worth-What Makes Him Worthy of it?

If you were to take a peak at Warren Buffet net worth, today it sits at $53.5 billion, maybe more. As the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, he wasn’t always in the primary seat. Most leaders aren’t, but have a long history behind them. Some of them grew up in an entrepreneurial household but many did not. However, what these men and women share is a resounding desire to have family and to learn more.

Some billionaires today are self-made and some have inherited a fortune from their parents or even their spouses. Are you aware that many of these billionaires are self-made? While it’s true that many billionaires have come by way of wealth with their own inventions, Buffet has amassed wealth from personal investments in addition to his position as a CEO.

Does it matter that Buffet hails from Omaha, Nebraska? No, not at all. In fact, it NEVER matters where people come from, but only that they are working toward their dream and are persistent. However, there is so much more to learn about Warren Buffet net worth that you’ll find inspiring!

Persistence Behind Warren Buffet Net Worth

If you know anything about Warren Buffet, you know that illness hasn’t slowed him down, and neither has age. In fact, just one year after completing radiation treatments for prostate cancer, Buffet is still running around doing deals. That is persistence.

He wasn’t about to slow down, and wanted to add Heinz Ketchup to his list of companies he owns! If you see something people use on a regular basis, you can earn a living, right? No doubt that solving problems or offering what people can really use is the most useful thing you can own or invest in. Additionally, what keeps Buffet going is his giving. He recently gave $2 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It’s safe to say that philanthropy is just one more thing that these billionaires have in common, and it’s no surprise.

How did he get his start? Warren Buffet net worth didn’t just appear, it was in part due to the fact that he never gave up trying to learn from the best. In fact, he did the following to start learning his craft:

  • He expressed interest in business to his father at an early age
  • He pestered Benjamin Graham, his professor at Columbia Business School to allow him to work for his partnership for free just to learn
  • Buffet took what he learn and implemented it-taking ACTION is key!

It should be no surprise that Buffet is so successful. He didn’t just rest on his laurels folks, he worked! Although Buffet didn’t believe he was investing in a great stock with Berkshire Hathaway at the time, it has certainly become his primary investment vehicle, bringing him much financial success.

Can You Surpass Warren Buffet Net Worth?

What would it take for you to surpass what Buffet earns?

You need only to read his biography, and those of others like him. He isn’t the only billionaire on the planet. However, there is a common thread with these billionaires. They start learning early in life, they listen, and they are persistent. Once they learned from others, they implemented what they learned, and had success. Once they had success they simply repeated it.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you have mentors telling you that once you achieve some success to repeat what you did to get there? Learning is a big part of your journey, and it persistence is always a part of it.

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