The Habits of Self Made Millionaires

If there is any one common denominator among self made millionaires and billionaires, it’s that they were all willing to take risks. In fact, they may not have been so willing to in the beginning, but then they realized if they didn’t, nothing in their lives would change. Success isn’t about being careful, and it’s not about dipping your toe in the water. You should do at least that much, but what happens after is most important. It’s the ability to take action that separates you from everyone else.

What have you NOT done, that you need to do right now? You could be one decision away from another way of life.

While many people inherit their fortune, most do not. They work for it. They have to take strides to go from nothing to something, and they weren’t all from wealthy families. In fact, you should also know that several millionaires have not graduated from college. If you can take just a few minutes of your time to finish reading this article, and then connect with me to learn more, you can at least make a decision later as to whether or not you believe you have what it takes to create a new life.

It’s all in the  mind, but the habits of self made millionaires show us that we are all capable of doing more, having more, and of course being more.

Beer and the Habits of Self Made Millionaires!

What in the world does beer have to do with the habits of self made millionaires?

James Koch, the gentleman that started Sam Adams, knew a lot about beer. He became the master of his craft. He mastered beer, then he set out to master how to run a business. It’s about knowing your market, what they are looking  for, and being willing to taste the product for yourself. Would you buy it? Would you enjoy it? If you don’t see how someone would need it, your answer is probably NO.

Koch didn’t have it easy either, banks turned him down just as fast as he walked into them. When the Boston Beer Company started offering microloans to like-minded individuals that wanted to be in the food or beverage industry, he finally got a hold of enough money to get going. Koch not only became a huge success, but he decided to help others do what he was doing.

This is where it’s at. You master the thing you want to leverage your business with, then you learn how, then you teach. Does it get any better than that? As a result, Koch’s business is growing, and had been short with his time  and money, his life may not have been so wealthy as it is today.

The Habits of Self Made Millionaires Include Taking Risks

If you were dig deeper into the stories of the habits of self made millionaires, I can assure you’ll see another common thread. Going back to taking risks; it’s important. Many of these self made millionaires took risks by:

  1. Buying companies that were ruined
  2. Investing when times were hard
  3. Willing to try new trends that others were critical of
  4. They were willing to fail as often as it took to get it right

Don’t look at failure as glorious, but just see it as a stepping stone to get to a higher place. Failure isn’t FINAL, but victory isn’t that far either. Communicate openly with team members, and don’t be afraid to spend time with them. Don’t have the, “I’m the owner mentality, and everyone else is beneath me.”

It could be that you just weren’t ready, so you need to make some life changes. You’ll grow as you go.

If you would like to learn more about the “habits of self made millionaires” that I am working with, and how it has changed my life and worldview, CLICK the banner below to learn more.

the habits of self made millionaires

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