Supremacy of Speed In Business: Can you Ignore this and be successful?

The notion of the Supremacy of Speed in Business is something I never thought much about till recently. Well why’s it important and what’s it worth to you? How about 10 million dollars or more? Let me explain…

If you’re like me and are an entrepreneur, you know the importance of interacting with a team to get things down. If you work in direct marketing and have a sales team, or even if you’ve got a brick and mortar business…it’s all the same. I’ve known for awhile that wealth building relies on relationships. No one truly builds a successful enterprise alone.

It simply doesn’t happen.

What I learned today though is just how important the supremacy of speed in business really is.

The faster you can collapse time and become more productive, the more profitable your enterprise becomes. This is a key to understanding why you must treat the supremacy of speed in business with such urgency.

Here is a paraphrased quote from the book of Proverbs (good wisdom regardless of your religious beliefs)

“Slacker [lazy, slow, later] hands cause poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth” (Proverbs 10:4)


In the original meaning of this verse it was in reference to Israel becoming wealthy and a lender to the World. We can apply this to our business in similar way…lets go deep for a second.

Think about when someone wins the lottery who has never truly had money before. Maybe you’ve heard the stories…poverty stricken people striking it big…and then the sad, sudden downfall of that person.

The issue is not the money…the issue is they aren’t “diligent” people.  Not to say they aren’t valuable to the community or their families or in other ways…but simply that their poverty mindset with money leads to a tragic downfall.

Diligent people know that money is not true wealth. Instead they take money and use the Supremacy of Speed in Business to buy assets. And by assets I mean things that continue to provide them with money (real estate, products, businesses, investments, royalties, etc)…trees that will continue to blossom dollars that’ll be collected.

Money is meant to be spent…but there is a difference between what slacker hands and diligent hands do with it.

How One Hour Can Cost 5 Days

Here’s another example of the Supremacy of Speed in Business. My mentor, Mark Hoverson, explains about how because he decided to make a phone call to a support person at a vendor around 4pm versus 3 pm…it cost him 5+ days of his time.

How come 5+ days? Well…the support desk for the vendor received the ticket at 4pm…but since it was close to the end of the day on a Thursday…it was likely seen by a hourly wage earner who receives tickets all day, and was indifferent to it.

Meaning it didn’t get processed till the next day, a Friday. Well, the person who could remedy the problem didn’t work Fridays…so it sat in that person’s que until Monday. And now that the ticket had been pending since before the weekend, and that person was likely “slammed” on Monday’s with work request…

The issue doesn’t get resolved till Tuesday afternoon…missing the shipping deadline of the courier service…who wouldn’t ship it till Wednesday (just another box for them).

Add in another day to transit the product to Mark…and literally one hour cost more than 5 days of wasted time!

2 Key Questions to  Ask Yourself

 Who is waiting on you RIGHT NOW? (Think the full spectrum of life…in all ways). Brainstorm this one a blank sheet of paper…mine went to two pages!

Is it your business partner? Your accountant with those tax forms you need to send them? Your mentor about your goals for this year? Your Customers? New exciting offers? Deeper understanding of your business branding? Your kids with that new gadget your promised them?

What about your friends? Your neighbors? Your body?

I challenge you personally to apply a new found sense of radical “do it now” –ness to getting these tasks complete. Pull an “all nighter” like a college kid if you have to and get this list done IMMEDIATELY.’s about building the habit of Supremacy of Speed in Business that is the key to wealth…according to Mark.

You’d  be surprised just how much this will lead to a sense of personal power, peace of mind, and rebirth of energy.

Second question to Ask Yourself….Who are you waiting on for RIGHT NOW?

Are there Vendors, friends, relatives, clients/customers, you’re waiting on for them to get back with you on an answer? Maybe you’re waiting on your customer to give you a referral. Could you really use the lawn mower back you lent your neighbor?

The Supremacy of Speed in Business (and life) is critical.

So here’s a solution…apply pressure, verve (energy), consistency, and the BECAUSE, BECAUSE, BECAUSE strategy (see the video) to get results. So take the time now that you understand how these two questions relate to the supremacy of speed can be applied. Then to do the work.

Take immediate action…

Then after you’ve hustled to complete the tasks…leave a comment below and tell me how you feel now that you’ve done it! –S.


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