Some Nights…..I Win Some Nights I Really Win!

Some nights is the song title to one of the many bands I listen to on the radio, but, that title stuck in my head when thinking about marketing too. While the lyrics represent something to the songwriter, they also  represent something to me as well.

In fact, it’s funny how you can take a song and make it your own. In fact, I look at this song and it’s like online marketing. The thing is, every day is different, and if you don’t play your cards right or follow the leaders, you could end up wishing that you had not started marketing at all. Make sense? There are times when I wonder how I look to people, whether I appear to be just another marketer, or do people look at me as a leader?

Think about it. How do you look to others? Are you just another number, or are you going to be different and be a leader in the online world? Some nights I wonder if I am doing the right thiing, and other nights I feel great that I can show someone there is a whole other life to lead.

Let me tell you a story.

great leaders

Some Nights I’m a Marketer

When I first started the journey to earning online income, I felt helpless. I needed to learn but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this or who was going to teach me.

I knew I’d have to do some digging of my own, but Empower Network appeared into my life. I attended the webinars, learned new skills, then did the work. Some nights, I was a marketer, but then other nights I felt empowered to lead others as well.

This is kinda the whole point anyhow. I was learning that:

  1. Online marketing is not only a way to earn but a lifestyle 
  2. Earning money online is easy to do 
  3. Teaching others how to do this is simple too if you only try 

I learned that while you learn to earn you also learn to lead. This is one of the best parts of all of this, and it’s refreshing to be leading people into a movement that is life changing too.

Some Nights I Really Win!

While teaching others is great, and I am learning everyday, some nights I really win big when I’ve made sales and shared a winning marketing technique with others. I don’t think it could get any better than that, do you?

My weeks generally start off with a powerful call with David Wood and David Sharpe, known as “The Empower Hour.” Could it be any better than that? Learning from  the top marketers in the industry is just one thing that makes it all worth it, and getting to pass on that onto you. If you are looking for something that works and something that can be duplicated, this is it.

If I could say anything about my online journey, and what I am doing it would be that “some nights” I win, and some nights I really win with Empower Network.
some nights

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