Relationship Marketing-What is it?

Relationship marketing is not a term that is popular today. In fact, relationships seem to be last on the list, causing customers to believe that businesses are unapproachable, stiff, snooty, and only thinking about their bottom line. No one cares about service, am I right?

So many business owners have complained that business is down, it’s not good, and if the economy is so great why aren’t people spending. Good point, but it’s not always a valid one. Why? There is always room for improvement, and we can’t blame the President for NOT developing relationships with our audience. Face it, this is an even better point for me to make!

When was the last time you introduced yourself to a customer and shook their hand welcoming them into your place of business? If you have an online business, have you called to reach out to those that inquire?

If you have not picked up the phone to chat with someone that opted into your email list, then it’s time you do and change the face of how you do business. If you are lacking in the area of relationship marketing ,it’s time for you to re-assess the WHY behind what you do, and start building something real.

relationship marketing

The Foundation for Relationship Marketing

Have you ever heard the name Jim Rohn? If you haven’t, I would be stunned. Jim Rohn is one of the greatest men to ever live, especially in the world of business and marketing.

Rohn was a great teacher on many areas of life including:

  1. Living with excellence
  2. Leadership
  3. Being fruitful
  4. Achieving success
  5. Learning to be profitable
  6. Achieving greatness in life and in business

Why was Rohn so passionate about these topics listed? Relationships were everything to him and those he mentored. Although he has passed away, his legacy still lives on and his courses, audios, and more are still being sold online.

Relationship marketing is the key to making any endeavor work, and the truth is, it can’t really work without working with others anyhow. Why resist it? Here is one of my favoriite quotes that Jim Rohn used when teaching one success;

A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better. -Jim Rohn

Bridging the Gap with Relationship Marketing

So, how do you bridge the gap when it comes to relationship marketing? How can you avoid the pitfalls of having customers at arm’s length? It’s simple really; you FOCUS on others and not yourself.

As the quote states above, leaderships is helping those that are doing poorly to do well, and  to help those that are doing well, to do better. Is there any reason to say more? Not necessarily. In fact, this is what relationships are all about.

When we start focusing on building our online business, what are we really focusing on? Are we focusing on building our business? Or, are we actually interested in doing things as a team, and doing things in a way that encourages the sense of team?

It’s never too late to build a new relationship with a customer, and if you really tend to their needs, and help them get what they want, you will ultimately get what you want. Make it about them!

Do you lack what is needed to focus on “relationship marketing”? Are you looking for a community in which you can hone your skills and have the help of those that are seeking to accomplish the same thing?

If you would like to build an online business, and you would like to learn more about relationship marketing, then go HERE to connect with me personally!

relationship marketing

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