Project AWOL-Season Two!

Project AWOL, season two is my favorite. Yep, that’s when I show up!

It was a blast to say the least. I won’t give up all the details yet, as today I am just writing about the first episode when we arrive on the scene at the mansion. Thailand is beautiful. It’s rich in culture, and to have the view that we were living with each day was simply amazing.

This leads me to make my next point which is;

You can’t have more in life unless you actively choose to do more. If you’ve ever read the 4 Hour Work Week, you know what I’m talking about. What does it take to get here? It takes time, effort, determination, and most of all, getting out of your comfort zone, and going to places you probably wouldn’t have gone to otherwise.

The other day, I wrote a blog post about the fact that I believe in Project AWOL, and why. Now, it’s your turn to see for yourself in this reality TV show that we put together.

My Journey to the Project AWOL Mansion

I’m not a loud, boisterous guy. I like having fun, and I was looking forward to going to Thailand. It was somewhat out of my comfort zone in that while I love to travel, I was totally uncertain of what to expect when I joined Project AWOL.

As a firefighter, you would think that this was easy! It’s always different when you are doing something totally new in your life. Well, for me it is.

I found though that every single one of us, was in the same boat, not sure of what to expect, and uncertain of what the panel would be asking us. The panel is::

  1. Glenn Arcaro
  2. Kam Schwartz
  3. and Dakota McLearn

They have achieved making six figures online, and they know what it takes. It’s their job to see to it that we understand what it takes, and to see if our vision of what this is about aligns with what those actions are. The key to becoming wealthy isn’t always making the money first, it goes deeper than that.

Do I have what it takes to make it in this project? Or, will I get kicked to the curb?

project awol season 2

Do I get kicked to the curb or will I make it?

The Beginning of Project AWOL Season 2!

Okay, so the point of going before the panel isn’t to see if they can scare you, but it’s really about putting yourself out there, and sharing your personal vision with them. They simply wanted to help me identify where I am right now, and where I can go in the future.

Naturally, that is up to me as a person. I have to do the work, and so do you. This is about stretching yourself folks, and seeing what you are made of. Do you want more from life? Do you want something other than what you have right now?

This was the one thing I kept going back to when I first found Empower Network. I didn’t know much about online marketing, but I had considered doing other things to start a home business that I could work around my schedule as a firefighter and medic. It wasn’t easy as people always claimed in their ads it would be.

Nothing worth doing is ever really EASY per say, but I knew that I wanted to live a lifestyle by design. Whether you are working from home, or you are working in Thailand, you can build your business online, and craft it however you wish. The choice is yours.

Would you like to see how Project AWOL can help you get there?

project awol

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