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Project AWOL, Season 2-Episode 2 starts out with Dan recording himself sharing with others about living a lifestyle by design. This is because with online marketing, you can work from anywhere you wish. Traveling to Phuket, Thailand is just one of the many bonuses, and it was for the purpose of this show. Just imagine if you could live anywhere you wanted?

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Sharing the possibility of traveling around the world is Dan’s idea of living the ideal life, but this may not be for everyone. Perhaps your WHY is much different. It could be that you want to learn how to leverage the internet to pay for your child’s college education. Perhaps you want to replace your full-time income because you aren’t doing something you are really passionate about.

Either way, Project AWOL is a great way for you to learn not only how to change your income, but how you can change your entire life. It’s about learning another way of life, and how to enjoy your life as you go. This is what the project is all about, so keep reading to learn more about what happens in this episode!


Project AWOL Teaches You About Making Choices

Kameron George talks about how he was tired of his life, and how he wanted change. The turning point for him was making a decision. IT’s all about what you CHOOSE. You have to decide if you want the life you have now, or if you want something better. Kam tells how he chose to surround himself with great mentors, so he bought their courses, and spent time delving into what they were teaching on how to build a new life.

This is why I joined Project AWOL. Mentorship and mistakes are the two things Kam used to learn, and from him I was able to learn that as well. Having a panel like this one in AWOL is the key to learning how to up the stakes in your life and in your business.

Are there really any gurus? No, but there are many people out there like Glenn Arcaro that are more experienced. He even shares that here in episode 2 so that we could get the understanding that we really may not be that far from our goal as we feel we are. That 40,000 foot vision is what they are talking about. They wanted to teach us that, and show us what that means, so that we could create our own vision, and understand what it would take for each of us to get a customer at each dollar level of achievement with this simple system put in place by Empower Network.

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Sometimes, all you need is a catalyst to help you see the bigger picture.

Project AWOL Teaches You if Not Now, When?

One of the things that really changed how I view my business online, was going before the AWOL panel. This helped me establish a stronger WHY, because prior to this, I wan’t so sure that I had it figured out. I was called out, and thankfully for that reason, it changed the way I look at my business. Oftentimes, we look at an online business as a hobby, and we lack the discipline to get moving. I just wasn’t quite there until we got to Thailand.

project awol season 2 episode 2

Will I survive the Panel of Glenn, Kam, and Dakota?

I wanted that 4 hour work week, but I still didn’t have that vision for becoming wealthy in all areas of my life. I think the biggest blessing in doing this shooting for reality TV was for me to be put on the spot. With the vision,you can start working from home or from anywhere else in the world too. You just have to choose.

Project AWOL has given me the tools I need, simply by making me think about my WHY, and how to create a bigger vision for myself and for others. What will it take for you to do the same? Are you serious about building your business? Do you realize how easy it can be, with a bigger vision, understanding your WHY, and then choosing to make the change?

You can learn more from the mentorship and the business tools you’ll acquire on the inside of “Project AWOL” when you click the banner BELOW.

Project AWOL

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