Creating YouTube Videos that People Love!

Creating YouTube videos is a great way for you to market your business. No matter what product or service you offer, you are better off to market yourself and be authentic with people than to NOT let them see you at all. Does that make sense? The reality of running an online business, is that […]

Successmaker-How to Become One!

Do you see yourself as a successmaker? If you haven’t experienced the degree of success or happiness you would like to in your life, I can assure you that you can if you simply decide that is what you want to do. You need only to decide that you want to create success or that […]

Online Money Making Journey in 2013

Just in case you hadn’t heard, my online money making journey is about to get really interesting, and it’s going to rock the house. In fact, this weekend, I am going to be at an event with Empower Network that is going to be off the hook. If you were to ask me 8 months […]

How to Become Rich with Law of Attraction

The big question is how to become rich. Everyone wants to know what to do to attain wealth and status, but yet so few seem to know how to get these things. Is it possible that you can actually attract wealth and a better way to live? If you want to be wealthy, or possibly […]

How to Change Your Life for the Better

Are you trying to learn how to change your life for the better even though others seem to be against you? The truth is, you can change your life anytme you choose,but it take works and consistent effort over time. I’ve found that people want to change their life for one of two reasons; They […]

Some Nights…..I Win Some Nights I Really Win!

Some nights is the song title to one of the many bands I listen to on the radio, but, that title stuck in my head when thinking about marketing too. While the lyrics represent something to the songwriter, they also ┬árepresent something to me as well. In fact, it’s funny how you can take a […]

Quotes About Time

Quotes about time are some of my favorites, simply because I’ve learned as a firefighter how precious time is. Lost time isn’t something you can get back, and of course, it’s always best to use your time as wisely as possible. When was the last time you looked at an hourglass. I find it quite […]

Great Leaders-How They Inspire Action!

Great leaders are those that don’t really need to tell you that they are leaders. Have you ever thought about that? Think about it; there are tons of folks running around saying that they are leaders, but who or what are they leading? It’s an interesting thing, and it raises curousity. Chances are, you’ve met […]

Promoting You

Promoting you is so critical, that you absolutely cannot make another move in marketing until you read the rest of this blog post. In fact, I am so confident of what I am about to share with you, that I KNOW you will truly benefit from it. There comes a time, when you need to […]