Why You Should Consider a Business Online!

Did you know that starting a business online is now the easiest and quickest way to start a business? Were you aware that you could easily do this without a degree, and without taking your life savings or a loan to get you started? So, what is that you do to start your new business? […]

Words of Wisdom for Developing Lasting Relationships

Words of wisdom always seem to be present in those that are managers, or think they are someone of significance. Are they? It has been said that those that are true leaders don’t need to tell others that they are leaders, but remember, it’s not just leaders that some recognize that have the ability to […]

Be Happy-Quotes for You on Happiness!

Be happy; that is a statement that you hear a lot. In fact, back in the day, Bobby McFerrin wrote a song about it and everyone would laugh about it, but he was quite proud of the song and people loved it! Why? Because. Who doesn’t want to be happy? There isn’t anyone I can […]

Making a Firm Commitment to Your Business

Did you know that your commitment to your business is what makes your business work? Are you aware that without committing to making your business work that you are basically saying that it’s not important? In our humanness, we get excited about the prospect of a new business, a new home or car. Yet, once […]