Online Marketing is Another Way of Life-Episode 3

to In episode 3 of Project AWOL TV, you’ll see a new jar as we talk about the freedom of embracing online marketing. The idea that you can live another way of life is liberating, but it’s possible with our laptops. Can you think big? You may or may not think you do, but watching this particular episode and even the one before it might change the way you think.

Brandye is one of the folks in this episode that you’ll see really grasps what is possible with this system, and not to mention that she can work from anywhere and send her son to the school he really wants to go to. If you are a parent, this probably resonates with you, right? Providing for your children is a big deal, and it’s all you think about. What if I told you that you could do it, and you could do it without working 9 to 5? Would you believe me?

Just remember though, even if you want to give and give to everyone, you need to FOCUS. Without focus you can’t get there, EVER. So, once you focus, you can take action with a real map that will get you to where you want to go. Online marketing is just a catalyst!

Online Marketing Can be Learned with the Business Jar

Regardless of the approach you take with online marketing, the same principles of business are still true. You still have to understand the value of what it takes to buy a customer, and how much it will take you to make a higher dollar sale.

If you have no real understanding of this, you’ll not be able to function as a business but rather as a hobby. If you want to live a lifestyle by design, you have to do things that you aren’t really comfortable with. Getting out of your comfort zone is critical to making things happen in your life. The challenge presented by the Project AWOL panel, was enticing in the beginning because it was mentioned that two clients are given to each individual.

Pairing up people, the challenge was to go into a city that is unfamiliar, and to communicate with the people and use the minimal resources the panel gave them to complete the task. Not to mention that they were given just 20 minutes to do it! Buying tshirts in a town that these folks have never been in is bit crazy, but you get the idea, right? Getting of your comfort zone is the only way to live that 4 hour work week as Tim Ferriss says. He didn’t write that book without doing something similar to the business jar that we talk about in this episode, right?

It’s a matter of;

  1. Knowing what you want
  2. Focusing
  3. Taking action

Seems simple right? Maybe not in Patong Beach at first glance, but you get the idea!

Can Online Marketing Change Your Life?

Getting out of your comfort zone is the key to any new business venture, no matter what it is. The journey for all team members through Patong Beach was challenging and fun at the same time. Empower Network was simply the introduction, but becoming wealthy is so much more. It takes thinking big no matter what vehicle you are using to get there.

Whatever team won, the prize was to get two clients added into your business automatically. Not a bad price to pay eh? Getting out of the comfort zone is truly a must if you want to go places. This may be reality TV, but yes, it’s all real here. The learning, the business, and now the giving is next. There isn’t anything you can’t do if you want to start working from home, or anywhere else for that matter.

Want to learn more about online marketing with Project AWOL?

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