Larry Ellison-a Profile of Wealth

Larry Ellison may not be the first name that comes to mind, however, he ranks right up there with the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Ellison, the CEO of Oracle has made a name for himself, and a life he is proud of. It wasn’t always easy, and some may even care to be critical of Ellison’s life. With a net worth of $43 billion, as of March 2013, I would say that Ellison’s life is nothing to sneeze at.

What is his secret for obtaining great wealth? How did he start in life and how did he bring it all together? At the age of 68, Ellison is a selfmade billionaire, and while he headsd up Oracle, he was never handed a dime by anyone at any time. I think that’s pretty commendable don’t you?

As a man that was a drop out in college, divorced, and someone that many businessmen would refer to as “uneducated”, I would say that Ellison is doing pretty well. SO, why can’t you do the same? Is there something that Ellison does know that you don’t? I think if you were to speak with Larry Ellison directly, he would be more of an encouragement to you than anything else, and to prove it, I am going to share with you just a little bit about his story and how he hit the road to wealth.

Larry Ellison Growing Up

Born in the Bronx, New York, Ellison grew up like any other average child. In fact, he was born to a single mother, and at 9 months he had pneumonia which doesn’t carry a good prognosis with any infant. His mother gave him up to her aunt and uncle to be raised, at which time he ended up living in a small two bedroom apartment in Chicago. To say that he had humble beginnings is an understatement.

Ellison’s childhood was unlike those of Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, in that he was quite rebellious, and was adopted out into a family that didn’t have a long track record of successes or the life with the stay-at-home mom. However, during this time Ellison was naturally gifted in math and science, and received honors while at the University of Illinois.

During his second year in college and during final exams, his adoptive mother passed which prompted him to drop out. As Ellison continued to struggle to find his way, his adoptive father had resolved that Ellison wasn’t going to do much with his life. With some knowledge in programming that he had acquired, he was able to take a job in Berkeley, California, and continued to take on jobs as they became available.

While these don’t seem to be the marks of someone successful, is it fair to say that perhaps this job jumping and his reflection on his life drove him to make something of himself? It didn’t take long for Larry Ellison to form a partnership, and then create what would be one of the most amazing companies ever.

Oracle was born as he and his partners developed a special database for the CIA, and since that time Ellison has never looked back. Could it be that success isn’t always packaged the same for everyone? Even if Ellison had received a degree, would that have made him more successful?

What You Can Lean from Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison isn’t your typical success story, and even once Oracle was founded, it wasn’t a smooth ride all the way through. Ellison experienced tons of personal issues and disappointments, but his resolve never changed. He wanted a different life, or another way of living. I can relate to that, can you?

Isn’t there something you want to do but you have been told you can’t? Is a new life enough to help motivate you to do something more? I know for me, it is. I don’t want the 9 to 5 life, and I also know that reading about someone like Ellison means it can be done. He didn’t come from a wealthy background, and he didn’t know who his real father was, but he chose to overome the obstacles in his life and do something more.

Success isn’t found in a manual someplace, and it isn’t determined by the family you are born into. If you want success you need only to:

  1. DECIDE what you want
  2. Choose to make a change
  3. FOLLOW your own path

That is the one thing that is simple; if you quit you are done. You don’t have to be, you decide.

If you would like to learn more about the inspiration behind WHY I chose to share a little bit of the life of “Larry Ellison” with you today, just CLICK on the image below to learn more about what it would be like to live another way of life!

larry ellison
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