Interpersonal Skills and Creating Value

Interpersonal skills are so important in this life, and not to mention that we could all use some help with this. Although I think I communicate well, there is always room for improvement, right? Have you ever felt like you were communicating vocally, but you just weren’t being heard?

When growing my own business, whether it’s online or not, I see the need to be free to communicate openly and about all things. In fact, relationship building on any level is done with communication skills. How would you rate your communication skills? Are you good? Are you bad? Are you possibly someplace in between?

While it pays to communicate openly, it’s also important that you are able to communicate on a personal level with everyone whether in your family, friends, and in your business. Building teams is essential to growing your business, and it’s an absolute MUST for you to build a long term venture. Honing your interpersonal skills is super important, and it’s important that you use these skills to create value.

Today, I want to share with you some tips on how you can communicate effectively, every time, and how you can build your interpersonal skills through daily practice and interaction with others.

interpersonal communication

Developing Interpersonal Skills

How it is that you develop better interpersonal skills when it comes to business? Truth is, no matter how you communicate it takes practice and it’s important for both reasons. You cannot really connect with people for any other reason if you cannot get to know them on a personal level first. Business means trust; after all, people only buy from people they like and trust, right?

So, if you know this, why wouldn’t you focus on meeting new people, networking, and getting to know what people have to offer? People aren’t just interesting in how you can help them, but you’ll find that people often want to know what they can do to help you! It’s an amazing thing when you network and you begin to see that people are really and truly interested in what you are doing and what you bring to the table.

Here are some ideas on how you can develop those interpersonal skills that you need to focus on when it comes to making life long connections:

  1. Understand the connection you truly wish to make as this has an impact on body language etc- what is your intent? Be prepared 
  2. Expect feedback when you convey your message- usually verbal or it could be an overall reaction to you physically and verbally 
  3. Recognize the context in which this communication is occurring- Where are you speaking with these individuals? 
  4. What channel are you using? -Are you talking, writing, what other means? 

Being prepared on all of these levels is helpful when communicating. If you want to build better relationships, then it pays to prepare on all accounts. Be realistic about what you expect to happen, but maintain confidence at all times. Learning to talk to others that you normally wouldn’t talk to is also helpful in honing your ability to speak to others.

Why Your Interpersonal Skills are So Important

Did you know that if we can communicate well with others, it’s a sign of how good our interpersonal skills are? The ability to give and collect information is important, because it can help you assess the situation at hand and make decisions.

It will also enhance the attitude of others toward you if you can openly and honestly communicate with them. The ability to form contacts and maintain them for life is another sure sign that you are a good communicator, and it will serve you well into the future should you decide that a joint venture is right for you.

Even if the world doesn’t always make sense, just be sure that you do! Just be honest in your business practice and be honest and open with others. Your life and your business depend on it.

If you would like to learn more about how you can easily develop your “interpersonal skills” while growing your online business, simply go HERE to connect with me personally!

interpersonal skills

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