Futuristic Otaku: Craft Your Best Possible Future Result


I want to challenge you to think about the future in a new way.  Stop for a second and think about this….

If you’re an entrepreneur or marketer, everything is literally in the future. People only purchase from you for the best possible future result. Meaning, the feelings they’ll experience in the future are the catalyst to purchase.

The book of Proverbs contains a ton of wisdom…despite whatever religious beliefs you may hold or not. Check this out…

Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint. But happy is he who keeps the law. (Proverbs 29:18).

So how do you obtain vision and what does it have to do with developing futuristic Otaku? You see, Otaku is a Japanese word meaning “unique obsession”. So I’m advocating creating a unique obsession about the future.

Like I mentioned earlier, if you’re an entrepreneur, because everything is always happening for you in the future, it behooves you to develop a unique interest in crafting and planning it.

When you have no vision or plans for the future, there is a loss of direction.

Kind of like a ship with no rudder. Maybe you can still go through the process and have some sort of movement going on, but its uncoordinated and it usually doesn’t take you where you’d like to go. And unfortunately the wind (or fate) will not usually push you the direction you’d like.

Futuristic Otaku: Gaining a Vision

There’s an interesting correlation in the Bible between motion and revelation. I’ve been learning from Mark Hoverson and his Solomon 10 Million Dollar Plus course for entrepreneurs the importance of finding  “secret places” to listen and receive messages/vision from Infinite Intelligence, God, the Source, etc. These might not come directly to you, but they may spark an idea or a thought.

And if its one thing I’ve learned about being an entrepreneur is that you have to respect inspiration/ideas when they arrive.

So where do I go? For me it’s a hike/bike park near my home here in Austin, another is a hilltop overlooking the lower basin of Lake Travis where I use to live at, another is a creek bed in the Barton Creek Green space, next there is an earthen dam in a greenspace in the City of San Marcos., and finally the bike Veloway (also near my house).

These are easily accessible places for me to get to quickly where I can be alone and in motion. I know for myself, crafting a Futuristic Otaku is possible because of this kind of vision building exercise.

So for the entrepreneurs out there, lets go deep for a second and start crafting a futuristic otaku. Let me ask you this…what are 5 of the BEST possible future results that can occur because someone fully engages in your product?

You probably answered something to the effect of saving time, increasing productivity, making more money, feeling more self-respect, social clout, etc.

While these aren’t bad outcomes…the best of all possible results (and write this down)…is enhancement of meaning into your buyers/customers/clients lives.

In fact, you should never sell your products at all, rather you should be selling the best possible futuristic result of your product. Your product should in fact be a “portal”, that is going to lead the buyer to a bigger, better, smart, better, etc. version of themselves.

All your selling and marketing should be pointing to possession of your product as leading to the things mentioned above. This is a huge golden nugget handed to me by 8 figure earner, Mark Hoverson. Phew. Glad to get that off my chest and shared it. J

Are you starting to get the importance of developing a futuristic otaku yet?

Lets jump back to Proverbs quickly…

The plans of the diligent surely lead to profit, just as haste surely leads to poverty (21:5)

And by haste think speedy/sloppy. People who live paycheck to paycheck (a lot of time people seeking your products because there is some kind of pain or desire to change) live life on a day by day basis…they usually never plan anything more than a few months at best.

It also happens to entrepreneurs. I’m definitely guilty of this in the past before I started my futuristic otaku.

If you are one of these day by day people, its important to know this is not an identity…but a circumstance based on the past. Don’t beat yourself up too bad. Instead acknowledge it, have a good laugh about it, and then release it. You can change it J

So lets talk about the other side. On the other hand, the plans of the diligent (determined, resilient, fast, productive, efficient) people live into the future…they provide an inheritance to their children’s children (Proverbs 13:22).

Stuff like daily bills (food, shelter, clothing, transportation) don’t even touch their minds…their profits and plans allow their mind to focus on future contributions/donations/companies to be created.

This is the magic of crafting a futuristic otaku.

Try this integration experiment in your life, today, now, ASAP!…

Go on a walk and imagine a total mental space that is in creation mode only, partnering with an unlimited God, Infinite Intelligence, Source, or whatever you believe…having zero stress about bills (just start feeling it now)..and anticipating blessing and favor to arrive in your life.

This will help you get super clear on the futuristic otaku that you desire. Then, write down what it is that you desire. (By the way you should never “want” anything…only desire. Want is a perpetual state that can never be satisfied).

Move towards the things you write down. Don’t put in arbitrary deadline on these items.

Instead, write them in the “I am” form. If you have a desire to live in a nice home, instead of  writing “nice house”, be specific.

For example “I am now living in a beautiful lakeside Craftsman style bungalow. My home has a red door,  there are big windows with white wooden trim, gray  exterior paint, a dark stained wood floor and a river rock fireplace…I can see the lake below from my living room windows”

Be as specific as possible and write things in the “ I am/present tense” form. This will help you craft your futuristic otaku.

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