Facebook Fan Page-What NOT to Do to Grow Your Audience on Facebook!

If you have a facebook fan page, you are already on your path to success with a home based business. However, you should know that not everyone knows how to create a page, or how to use it. In fact, not knowing what to do or how to do it could be a detriment to your business.

So, what should you be doing with a fan page, and how should you conduct yourself on that page in the process? It’s well worth learning how to use facebook and other social media venues to your advantage when you are attempting to grow your audience online to get more followers, and to sell more products in the long run.

Today, I wanted to share some tips on how to make sure you put your facebook fan page to work for you, and a few things you want to avoid so that you don’t run your business into the ground, and end it all within just a few minutes!

facebook fan page

What You MUST Do for Your New Facebook Fan Page

Once you start your facebook fan page, it’s important that you lead with value, and create that on a regular basis for your fan base. So, how do you actually do this?

  1. Create a page that represents who you are as a person-let your personality shine through!
  2. Create a page that is attractive and fun-don’t be stuffy!
  3. Teach others how you built your business, and what you are doing that is successful
  4. Share valuable content like interesting photos and videos

These are just a few of the many ways you can make your page a success, but don’t forget that it’s all about being consistent too!

Connecting with people in a real way, as a real person that is building a business is what people really need and WANT to see. When people are starting out with their new online business, they need instruction and some reassurance of the “how to”. They are simply looking to you to give them guidance, and you need to make sure that you deliver.

What You Want to Avoid with Your Facebook Fan Page

Now that you you know what you MUST do with your facebook fan page, what should you absolutely avoid with your fan page? You need to make sure that you avoid:

  1. Pitching your personal links on the walls of others when sending a friend request 
  2. Sending invites without a personal message 
  3. Sending invites to webinars in mass quantities 
  4. Constantly talking about yourself 

Remember, the point of social media is to be social. This means that you need to ask your audience about them and what they are interested in and what they are doing. Social media is really kind of the center of it all when it comes to business simply because it’s a  great place for you to connect, network with others, and build lasting relationships and possibly even join in a venture with someone.

You’ll never know what could come of this until you put forth your best effort.

Do you have a fanpage? Are you leveraging the power of the internet to build connections and make things happen? If not, then let’s connect here first. You’ll learn how you can easily use the power of your facebook fan page and how you can use my online platform to grow your home business exponentially!

facebook fan page

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