Edison Bulbs and Entrepreneurship

The title starting out with edison bulbs may be tripping you up a bit, but there is a lesson coming up behind it. If you guessed that this has to do with Thomas Edison, then you guessed right. Thomas Edison may not have been a millionaire, have great status while he was alive, and he may not have lived in a mansion. However, one thing that Edison did do was create some great things.

While he is still one of the most talked about individuals in the world, it’s his inventions that have us talking. His persistence is perhaps the most notable of all. Can you imagine what it took to create the light bulb? Most of us have some amazing ideas, but most of us just aren’t that persistent to make our dreams come true. We have wonderful ideas, and we use the imagination that we are given, yet we still lack something that is insatiable. We are lack luster in our living, but Edison told us that we should be courageous.

If Edison were alive today, he would remind us that we need not to worry about setbacks but to focus on moving forward and doing what we were meant to do in this life. So, what can you learn from him, and how can this help you to be a better entrepreneur? What can you do right now to shape the world just as Edison did so many years ago? ┬áLet’s take a look at the challenges that he overcame, and what he did to make things happen that would stun the world.

The Determination Behind the Edison Bulbs

Do you know that Edison didn’t talk until he was almost four years old? In fact, teachers said that he was “too stupid to learn anything.” I think that’s great. Not because I think that teachers should talk about children this way, but because Edison was NOT expected to do anything great. At least they didn’t think that they would ever hear about edison bulbs, right?

He was also the last of 7 children, which meant that he had a lot of competition within the family for the parent’s attention. Can you imagine getting a word in edgewise with 6 other siblings? Something to think about eh? It’s no doubt that this may have been a contributing factor so far as his imagination was concerned.

Edison wasn’t born into poverty, but he didn’t have any advantages over others. This is all the more reason to respect him, and to learn from him. I know many people that believe that where you are from, and who your parents are have a lot to do with your outcome in life. That isn’t true. Life is what you make of it. His mother was quite supportive of him, and always encouraged him which everyone needs. In fact, the keys to success for most leaders has stemmed from the fact that they:

  • Attended workshops and seminars
  • Read good books
  • Set goals, and set out with a plan to achieve them
  • Follow a daily plan to take responsibility for their lives
  • Made it a point to go out and do things that others said you could not

Is it so hard to believe that edison bulbs would be inspiring for you now?

Make Your Own Edison Bulbs!

I find that Thomas Edison and his inventions are quite inspiring, but what is more inspiring is that he made so many mistakes on the way to the light bulb that finally worked. He did what entrepreneurs should be doing. He found a problem, and he could solve it. This is what he based his work on. Success. He found that doing things in a traditional manner didn’t work, and today it’s unlikely it will work for you too.

Edison’s work was rejected initially, but he just kept going. He had 9,000 attempts at the light bulb, so he looked at it as something that would get him closer to success rather ┬áthan failure. Are you willing to live your dreams? Are you willing to do the work? If so, you’ll make it. If not, just stop reading, and keep doing what you are doing.

If you want to change your life, it’s time to start making your on edison bulbs, and inspiring others to take action.

edison bulb
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