Developing Relationships with Likeminded People

Developing relationships is important in any business, but when you are an entrepreneur, and you are building your business from the ground up, you need to build a strong foundation of like minded people you can network with.

Networking is huge, and it’s necessary. If you watched even one of  the episodes of Project AWOL TV, then you already know that this is true. The  last episode of season 1, you probably realized this all the more, because as a group everyone was realizing that they were making friends and encouraging each other in their goals, yet they all wanted to achieve thee same thing.

Where do you rate relationships and how do you value them? Do you put relationships first on your list or do you put how much you can  make first? While people may look at the bottom line of their business, and yes, because it does matter, the truth is you can’t make money without relationships. That IS your bottom line.

This is WHY I want to solidify the importance of developing relationships and what it can mean for you long term.

Why Developing Relationships is Important

Telling you that developing relationships isn’t going to get you anywhere but telling you WHY they matter and how to focus on doing so will be more helpful than you ever bargained for.

Relationships matter simply because:

1. You’ll be forced to step out of your comfort zone. The more folks you introduce yourself to the more comfortable you’ll be with the process of making introductions, shaking hands, and speaking to unfamiliar faces.

2. You’ll meet other business men and women that are resourceful. Remember, when you are new to your field of interest, you won’t have everything you need. You also won’t  know as many people as you could know if you don’t attend networking events. You don’t know everything so it doesn’t hurt for you to meet as many business people as possible. Remember, that anyone no matter who they are could be your customer.

3.  The exchange of ideas could lead to partnerships. While you may want to strike it  out on your own, it’s wise for you to remember that the exchange of ideas is important. Many great networkers have exchanged ideas and joined forces in a partnership. Sometimes partnerships work better because you can;

  • Get more ideas to the table
  • More money to the table
  • Shared financial responsibility
  • Better brainstorming

It’s all relative, and while partnerships are tricky sometimes, those that start out with networking usually work better and last longer! Make sense?


developing relationships

Start Developing Relationships Today!

If you haven’t yet focused on developing relationships, then there is no better day than now to get started!

It’s not hard to do, but if you have a fear of speaking in public, or even meeting people you don’t know, join a Toastmaster’s group or a group that focuses on teaching you how to speak. Perhaps you can attend some workshops on speaking and presenting as well, and you’ll still get the chance to meet even more people!

FOCUS on creating value for others as well, and focus on being a teacher and mentor. When you do this, and you make it about others, you’ll get a lot farther.

Don’t believe me yet?

If you would like to hear more about how “developing relationships” worked for me, go HERE now to connect with me personally!

developing relationships

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