Christy Walton-the Richest Woman in the World

Chances are, you know the name Christy Walton. You guessed it right; she is in fact related to Sam Walton. Christy married Sam’s son John Walton, and it was in 2005 that John passed away, leaving her an inheritance of $15.7 billion dollars. In this case, her wealth isn’t self made but strictly inherited.

While Christy has been noted as the wealthiest woman in the world, she has also been categorized as “the meanest billionaire”. This all relates to her lack of involvement in a charity that was spearheaded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, known as The Living Pledge. Was it wrong for her not to be a part of it?

On the road to becoming wealthy, you learn a lot. I am still very early in my journey, however, I can assure you that not everyone will join you, support you, or even encourage you. Most of all, they may resent your good fortune and they may not be there to cheer you on. So, what others may think is a shame, isn’t necessarily a shame. It all depends on how you look at it.

Regardless of what you may have heard about Christy Walton, it’s time to be real about what she represents to men and women around the world.

Other Ails Christy Walton Has Faced

There are so many things we can learn from Christy Walton, but none of it is related to what she is or is not doing in the eyes of others with her money. Simply put, some of her story goes to show you that people may also try to take things away from you, every chance they get. Not too long ago, Christy’s ¬†identity was being created by internet scammers that claimed she was terminally ill, and used that story to get people that were unsuspecting to give in order to be a part of her inheritance in the future.

While the story was elevated and she has been the subject of negative discussions, her philanthropy has never stopped. She has in fact been a part of other programs she has given to including:

  • The Philanthropy Roundtable; The San Diego Natural History Museum
  • The San Diego Zoological Society
  • Mingei International Museum

Think these are worth causes? She also donated her amazing Victorian home, which is something you won’t see a lot of billionaires doing. The home was donated to the International Community Foundation. The home as built originally in 1896 for the first Post Master of National City, California. Additionally, Christy didn’t stop there; she gave an additional $4 million to preserve the home.

While you may not consider these part of real giving, consider that not everyone has the same WHY. Each of us have reasons we are part of certain organizations or charities, but do all of us really take the time to do these things?

While Christy Walton may not be a model for how to become wealthy, it’s wise to take a look at how she has given her money and property for good causes. What is your why? Do you really have something you want to do or a cause you would like to give to? Now is the time to set your goals, and make changes.

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