Getting Comfortable Attracting Splendor into your Life

“A multiplying (swarming) population is the splendor of a king, but starving (needy) people is the downfall of a prince.” Proverbs 14:28 (Hoverson Para-Verse)   “When the Queen of Sheba perceived all the wisdom of Solomon, the house that he had built, the food of his table, the nurture of his servants, the attendance of […]

How to Win Friends and Influence People PDF

If you have never had the chance to, it’s time for you to read the How to Win Friends and Influence People PDF. This document is probably one of the best guides to what you can expect in the book. While you may not be familiar with Dale Carnegie, he is one of the greatest […]

Be a Team Player and Win More Often

Have you heard that it takes a laundry list of items to be a team player? While some may disagree, being a team player is really easy. Sure, everyone is different but when you collaborate you can win more often. You don’t have to agree with everyone on everything, and you don’t have to give […]

5 Steps to Successful Selling

One of the all time greats, Zig Ziglar, wrote a book entitled 5 Steps to Successful Selling. This book is still a favorite for many of his fans but most of all, it’s important that the book is something you read and take to heart. If you started your own business, a home business or […]

Building a Team that Produces!

Building a team that produces is critical in any online venture, and whether it’s network marketing or affiliate marketing it makes no difference. Without teams, much doesn’t happen, and a team approach is often the best approach to any project. Have you ever had a team experience? Did you ever play sports as a kid […]

Gary Vaynerchuk-a Man that Totally Crushed it and Won!

Gary Vaynerchuk is a man that comes to mind when it comes to learning how to crush it online. If you haven’t read his book, Crush it! then you don’t know what ou are missing folks. This book is probably one of the most timely books ever to be written, and it’s one that MUST […]

Relationship Marketing-What is it?

Relationship marketing is not a term that is popular today. In fact, relationships seem to be last on the list, causing customers to believe that businesses are unapproachable, stiff, snooty, and only thinking about their bottom line. No one cares about service, am I right? So many business owners have complained that business is down, […]