Getting Comfortable Attracting Splendor into your Life

“A multiplying (swarming) population is the splendor of a king, but starving (needy) people is the downfall of a prince.” Proverbs 14:28 (Hoverson Para-Verse)   “When the Queen of Sheba perceived all the wisdom of Solomon, the house that he had built, the food of his table, the nurture of his servants, the attendance of […]

Futuristic Otaku: Craft Your Best Possible Future Result

)   I want to challenge you to think about the future in a new way.  Stop for a second and think about this…. If you’re an entrepreneur or marketer, everything is literally in the future. People only purchase from you for the best possible future result. Meaning, the feelings they’ll experience in the future […]

In Honor of the Fallen

Today, I am writing this post in honor of the fallen, and of course I am talking about 9/11. Where were you on that dreadful day? It’s hard to imagine that any human being could conceive of such an idea, and plan such cruelty against another, but when it comes to extremists, we can’t put […]

Teaching Others-the Pinnacle of Success

Have you ever heard that teaching others is the pinnacle of success? To hear most people talk about teaching, they only tell who has taught them, and not who they have taught. Teaching takes time and energy, no doubt. If you know something helped you, or you learned a valuable skill, wouldn’t you want to […]

Becoming Wealthy Means Giving First

Becoming wealthy isn’t what you think. In fact, you can take most of the ideas you have stuck in your head about it and just toss them out the window. Wealth is a relative term, and I find that most people that use it loosely, use it incorrectly. Can I get an amen? Wealth isn’t […]

Leading by Example

Leading by example is the true mark of a leader, and no doubt that leadership requires much from you. While being a leader isn’t for everyone, and not everyone is born to be a leader, remember that when you teach by doing, you are bound to win. Leading others is all about teaching others by […]

Some Nights…..I Win Some Nights I Really Win!

Some nights is the song title to one of the many bands I listen to on the radio, but, that title stuck in my head when thinking about marketing too. While the lyrics represent something to the songwriter, they also  represent something to me as well. In fact, it’s funny how you can take a […]

Great Leaders-How They Inspire Action!

Great leaders are those that don’t really need to tell you that they are leaders. Have you ever thought about that? Think about it; there are tons of folks running around saying that they are leaders, but who or what are they leading? It’s an interesting thing, and it raises curousity. Chances are, you’ve met […]

Fear of Failure-it’s Overrated

The fear of failure is quite common whether you are starting a new job, entering college, or even entering your chosen field as a college graduate. However, you should know that fear is NOT a bad thing, but it’s a gift. If you recall, several years ago a book was published entitled, The Gift of […]

Interpersonal Skills and Creating Value

Interpersonal skills are so important in this life, and not to mention that we could all use some help with this. Although I think I communicate well, there is always room for improvement, right? Have you ever felt like you were communicating vocally, but you just weren’t being heard? When growing my own business, whether […]