BMW 535i Review

Who was it that just zipped past you in the left hand lane, in a black, sleek, sexy, car? It could of been me if you were in Austin, Texas on the day I test drove my first BMW..haha. BMW 535i Review: Aesthetic meets Athletic There is something that just feels right when you walk […]

4 Hour Work Week and the Giving Jar Come Together-Episode 4

Did you know that there is a correlation to the 4 hour work week and giving to others? If you didn’t that is okay. The bottom line is that in this episode, you are going to see exactly how great Project AWOL is. It’s not always about doing business, but it’s about your WHY, and […]

Pursuit of Happyness-What is Yours?

Have you ever seen Pursuit of Happyness? It’s a great movie and a great book if you like to read. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t seen the movie, however I intend to share with you the underlying theme of the movie. My question for you today is, do you have a […]

Read These Awesome Quotes About Happiness!

Quotes about happiness are great to find, and it’s great to share happiness with others especially when times are tough. Could you define happiness? You have your own definition of what happinessis and what it is for you. This is why various countries all have their own idea of this emotion and what it is, what causes […]

Be Happy-Quotes for You on Happiness!

Be happy; that is a statement that you hear a lot. In fact, back in the day, Bobby McFerrin wrote a song about it and everyone would laugh about it, but he was quite proud of the song and people loved it! Why? Because. Who doesn’t want to be happy? There isn’t anyone I can […]