Carlos Slim Helu-the Wealthiest Man in the World!

Who in the world is Carlos Slim Helu?

As it turns out, this guy is the richest man in the world. Yes, the entire world. His name is no stranger to those that follow profiles of the wealthy, and although I don’t as often as I should, I wanted to learn more about the man that had made it to the list 4 times in his life. That’s pretty impressive. While you may not know who he is, it’s worth taking a peek into the life of those that have amassed great wealth, learning more about how they did it, and a little bit about how they live their lives.

Looking to those that have gone before you in terms of success, health and wealth isn’t a bad idea. However, it’s probably not always what you think. This businessman and philanthropist is not unlike some others that have reached his level of success. What makes Carlos Slim Helu such a great name to study and follow?

Who is Carlos Slim Helu?

Born in Mexico City, this man probably surprised a lot of folks. He was born to Lebanese parents, so he is certainly no stranger to diversity when it comes to culture and the environment we live in today. Carlos was born in Mexico City, simply because his mother’s parents had immigrated there many years prior. Little did Carlos realize that he was being born into a family of self-made entrepreneurs, as his maternal grandparents started the first Lebanese-Mexican magazine.

When you look at his family life, you can see that his grandparents set the stage for success by establishing something that was a first, in a most unusual place. The other thing to take note of here, is that his family was rather large. Six brothers and sisters, meaning that family was important to his parents. Do you see a pattern here?

It seems that most successful people, not all..but most, had instruction early on in their lives from their parents. It may not even be so much that they started learning early on in life about business, but that they were family oriented. This is a great thing and so common among those that are successful in starting their own business. By the way, there are plenty of successful folks that were orphans or adopted, but they chose to live a different life.

These people decided that they:

  • Wanted a new life
  • They were willing to work toward it
  • They decided to live it out differently and make it better
  • They decided that with their own family, they would do better

It’s always a matter of choosing what you want and then taking action to change it. He took the knowledge that his father gave him, and he chose to start investing at the age of 17. What else can we learn from Carlos Slim Helu?

The Secret of Carlos Slim Helu

A $54 billion fortune just doesn’t show up, it has to be created. Although Carlos Slim Helu was rich in businesses, he still didn’t have what he needed to really make it in terms of what we call American wealth. His businesses equaled more than 200 companies including:

  1. Railways
  2. Banking
  3. Restaurants and more

Why does this mean so much? Simply put, for Helu, this was about having varied streams of income. Any of us can make more money if we only open up our options and really focus on creating a better future by digging our heels into more than one thing. Today, Helu owns more than 80% of the phone lines in Mexico, which means that if you are making calls while there, he is getting paid!

It’s smart business for Helu, and you can do the same. He simply figured out how to solve problems with phone communication as well as transportation. Now more than ever, Helu has raised the bar on how to amass wealth, and his example is something we can all learn from.

Did you learn something new today from this information about Helu? He is just one of the many wealthy men that I ‘ve learned something from recently in my quest for greater wealth in life and in business. If you would like to learn more about how you can create your own opportunities just like “Carlos Slim Helu”, then go HERE now to connect with me personally!

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