Building a Team that Produces!

Building a team that produces is critical in any online venture, and whether it’s network marketing or affiliate marketing it makes no difference. Without teams, much doesn’t happen, and a team approach is often the best approach to any project. Have you ever had a team experience? Did you ever play sports as a kid and think, wow I am a part of a team?

The same applies, and this is even true of professional teams as well as they show off their skills. They are like adult children running around and in search of something more, but what they know to be true is that a team still functions much better than a bunch of individuals. I mean, even Michael Jordan needs someone to pass him the ball, right?

I am going to share with you how you can easily start building a team for your business, and how you can do it with less ┬átime and money than you ever imagined. It’s time that you stop believing you have to do things alone, and learning how you can bring in a small team of people to teach and train to do great things.

Why Building a Team is Important

If you have ever wondered WHY so many entrepreneurs have been leaning toward team building, consider that MLM companies base the growth of each distributor or representative on the legs that grow underneath them.

Sometimes, people just miss the point, and miss how this works. People enroll with an MLM company and just believe that they are going to make thousands overnight and not have to do much work. Even now, many companies provide premade websites but reps still think that they don’t need to do anything to grow their online presence.

It’s so important that you start attracting team members early on so that you can:

  1. Start the legs of your business
  2. Build a solid foundation for your business online
  3. Get each team member to fully share their gifts and talents so that you can grow the team equally
  4. Train the team members on how to build their very own teams

Ultimately, with network marketing, building a team means more growth and revenue. With retail sales you’ll earn commissions, but the real growth an income is in the number of folks that you bring into your business. Some affiliate marketing works this way too, so either way, the basic principles are the same. If you can’t work within a team, what is the point?

When you are working within a team setting, you’ll find that success comes easier with collaboration from everyone and that each individual has plenty to contribute to the projects at hand.If you approach building your team this way, and you teach your team members how to build their own team, production is sure to follow!

Building a Team is Easy When Everyone Does Their Part

Teams work well when you have different gifts and talents within the team. The question is, what are those parts? These parts consist of:

  1. Writing content
  2. Making videos
  3. Creation and design for websites
  4. Social Media
  5. SEO

These components are necessary for real success with online marketing, and if any of these parts is missing, it will be difficult to build the right team with the right strategy. Don’t you want to make sure that you can move forward in your business without a hitch?

Believe me, running webinars to do training for your team isn’t enough, but consistent brainstorming sessions and consistency in mastering your craft is what will get you further faster. If you would like ┬áto learn more about how to create the best online presence for your business and how to start building a team online, just go HERE to learn more now.

building a team
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