Brand Loyalty-Do Prospects Come Back to You Over and Over?

Brand loyalty is a term you might hear a lot when you see commercials from retailers. You might read about it in magazines, and you may even hear about this topic while watching shows like 60 Minutes, when CEO’s or company presidents are interviewed about their company and the changes they make.

Why does branding matter so much? Honestly, it’s sharing with people who you are. There are some businesses out there that have done a poor job at branding, and some are simply on target.

While you may not see the need to create your own personal brand, remember,this is about you connecting with people. You could also say that this is about your ideal audience, perhaps they are just like the folks you hang out with. However you choose to look at it, it’s your personality and what you are known for that people recall.

The reason they focus on this is because it makes you more real to them, and it’s how they remember you and see you in every day life. What is it that you are known for? What do people think of when they see you?

I am going to share with you more about what brand loyalty is, and how you can create the business you long for when you take great care with your brand management.

What is Brand Loyalty Really All About?

When you decided to start your home based business, you had in mind how things would go. Am I right? When you wanted to design a logo, you had in mind what that would look like, and how people would relate that to your  business.

Chances are, you didn’t realize at the time that this was known as “branding”. No matter how you look at it, branding is done everyday in every business but some of you may not call it that.You wanted to make sure that you got noticed, and that people would want to buy from you. This is how you define brand loyalty.

Whether or not people did buy from you is another story. People won’t buy from you just because you did have a cool logo, but they will buy from you if they like and trust you. So, how can you bring the two together? Let me give you an example, so I don’t ramble on. :-)

Coco-Cola is a brand, right? They have developed a following for 125 years now. Then, you have Pepsi. Hmmmm, which do you drink? Some say it’s taste, and some say it’s the brand and what they stand for. I personally believe that people like the brand that is:

  1. Always changing 
  2. Not afraid of change 
  3. Offering something new that improves upon the existing brand 

These are all good points, but you’ll have some marketing thrown in to attract the buyer you want. The use of Norman Rockwell photos for many years made Coco-Cola a favorite, and it wasn’t long before you found the logo on lunch boxes, kitchen decor, and other items that their target audience was buying and asking for more!

I would say that is success! Remember the seasonal cans  from Coco-Cola? The Polar Bear at  Christmas, more Norman Rockwell pictures, and silver snowflakes are all great markers of a brand that is thriving. They are always doing something new to boost the sales and get the attention of  their target audience. Then you have some folks that like Coke or Pepsi, depending on what the pizza place serves.

Can you see how brand loyalty can shift and be thriving?

How You Build Brand Loyalty

Now that you know  what the true definition is of brand loyalty and how it works, how can you really get your prospects to be loyal to you? What steps can you take to get people to choose you first over someone else?

1. Tell a story. How did you get to this place in life? Why did you start your business? There is generally a story behind why certain businesses started and how they began to thrive. Stories will always resonate with people.

2. You MUST connect  with customers. Don’t stand off in the far distance! Your customers want to know more about you, and if you expect them to buy from you, then you MUST become more real to them. What matters most to your customers? In this case with a home business it’s your prospects. What do they want?

3. Know their needs. It’s all about the buying experience. When you want to build a successful brand, you’ll always ensure that you know what your customer needs next. Can you provide that? If not, figure out how you can and get to it!

4. Deliver, deliver, deliver! I can’t say this enough! If you make  promises but you can’t deliver, you are out! Always be the brand that can deliver, and if you can do that you’ll not just make it, but you will thrive!

5. Consistency is key. Don’t offer something great then fall off of the map. Be consistent or your prospects will go elsewhere-EVERY time!

6. Be personal. Always offer a personal experience. It’s not just making it real to them, it’s being different and giving them a personal experience! My hope is that if you want to start your home based business, you’ll work with me. Why? Because I know what it’s like to enter this realm totally new, untrained, and always looking for the best way to build my brand.

I hear ya!

If you are ready to build your business, and learn more about how you can build “brand loyalty”, simply go HERE right now to connect with me today!

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