BMW 535i Review

Who was it that just zipped past you in the left hand lane, in a black, sleek, sexy, car? It could of been me if you were in Austin, Texas on the day I test drove my first BMW..haha.

BMW 535i Review: Aesthetic meets Athletic

There is something that just feels right when you walk up to a BMW 5 series. The first thing that came to mind was..this car has swagger. There are bold and aggressive lines on the body of the car…it’s athletic but it has class too.

Bmw 535i review

Once you open the driver’s door and sit down, you feel like you’re home. The custom stiched 21 way adjustable seating welcomes you in immediately.

The next thing you notice is the steering wheel. I drove a BMW 535i with the M Sport package, which means a custom three-spoke leather wrapped multifunction steering wheel, dynamic suspension, and upgraded wheels and tires, to name a few features.

Twisty roads?

No problem here…I took the BMW 535i through its paces in a winding little road that cuts through the edge of the Austin area. With Active Roll Stabilization and Integral Active Steering, the sexy BMW beast made quick work of it.

Have you ever felt a car hug the road? The BMW 535i squats down and tears through corners effortlessly. It was beautiful…I wanted to cry I was so happy.

Having worked as a firefighter for 10 years and driving big, high center of gravity, lumbering diesel trucks…this was a totally different experience.

Latest Revelations on Revolutions in the BMW 535i:

The engine in the 535i is equally impressive. The model I drove was equipped with an inline 6 cylinder, feed by a twin turbo system…making this car ridiculously fast. I was a bit hesistant about driving a 6 cylinder…I didn’t expect it to be as fast and powerful as it is.

Peak torque comes on around 1300 rpm (at 300 ft lbs) and stays constant all the way up to 5000 rpm, which equates to pushing you back in your seat quite nicely. I simply couldn’t stop smiling the whole test drive.

It was ridiculous how fast I found myself at 80 mph after a quick romp on the accelerator…

Oh, it its 0-60 in 5.7 seconds…not bad at for this luxurious sports beast.

I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have any manual transmission BMW 535i’s I could test drive. For some sick reason I had convinced myself that a sports car HAS to have a manual

I was wrong.

The BMW 535i that I drove was equipped with a bad-ass 8 speed STEPTRONIC automatic transmission, which includes a Sport mode.

Offering 8 speeds with Adaptive Transmission Control (ATC), this transmission provides extremely fast synchronized shifting in either the manual (paddle shifters included!) or “sport” shift mode.

In the “sport” mode, modified clutch settings allow quick adjustment in the engine’s speed for minimal shift times. Translation? Fast.

According to BMW, by increasing the number of gears to eight, the transmission provides a more efficient shifting sequence and improved fuel economy as well.

The Big Brother to the BMW 535i

The BMW 550 shares the same body as the BMW 535i, with the exception of having a larger engine/drive train option. In the BMW 550, you’re able to step up to the 4.4 Liter V8 beast.

As my friend Dan, who went with me for the test drive, and former owner of two BMW 5 series vehicles said..

Sam, you don’t want to buy a 550…because you WILL lose your license!


The BMW 535i: One of a Kind, One at a Time

Talking with the helpful Sales Associate, Chris, I found out that most BMW owners custom order their cars, so they get exactly what they want. It’s understandable why too, with the BMW 535i starting with a base price of $67,000…you should get exactly what you less!

Thankfully BMW makes it easy with a host of unique exterior color combinations. Pair that with custom upholstery materials and colors and you’re on your to having a uniquely customized and personal BMW 535i.

So will I be getting one these? You bet!

The question I can’t quite make up my mind yet…is how fast do I want to loose my license? The BMW 5 Series delivers. Although, if I value my driving freedom, I better stick with the BMW 535i, a capable, sexy, fast, and serious driving machine.

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bmw 535i review





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