Becoming Wealthy Means Giving First

Becoming wealthy isn’t what you think. In fact, you can take most of the ideas you have stuck in your head about it and just toss them out the window. Wealth is a relative term, and I find that most people that use it loosely, use it incorrectly. Can I get an amen?

Wealth isn’t something that is easily acquired, at least true wealth in my opinion. This means not only from a financial perspective, but from the perspective of who you have in your life, what you have experienced in your life, and how often you got to experience exactly what you wanted to experience. Does that change your view on wealth for good?

Even if it doesn’t right in this moment, it’s wise to remember that wealth for everyone is different. While you may have been raised to view it as a having great financial status, or whether you believe it relates to owning certain things or worldly possessions, I am going to share with you today just WHY that theory doesn’t EVER work. If you think you know what becoming wealthy takes, think again. Prepared to have your mind blown in the next few minutes as you read this article.

Are you ready?

What Becoming Wealthy REALLY Means

If someone were to call you up right now and ask you what becoming wealthy really means, what would you say? Most answers would sound like this;

  1. Getting rich
  2. Getting rich quick
  3. The ability to buy anything you want
  4. The ability to travel anywhere in the world
  5. He who owns the most toys

None of these are true. At all. Traditionally speaking, these statements are true, however, achieving true wealth in life is so much more than this. It means, having rich relationships. To take it a step further, this is to say, those relationships that are nurturing for the mind and the spirit. If these relationships are strong and they are with like-minded people, they could benefit you financially. However, that’s just an afterthought.

Focusing on getting to know people and what makes them move is what it’s all about. Even as a business person, I have to tell you that you have to keep it real. I am talking  about really focusing on helping others and helping people develop their talents, their skills, and above all networking with them and others.

The more solid relationships you have, the more successful you’ll become.

giving back

Becoming Wealthy in Life, Love, and Business

Rules stink, in fact I think most rules were meant to be broken. This means that life and loving others always comes first. Yes, even in business. Think about servant leadership and what that entails. It’s all about helping others, all of the time.

Zig Ziglar always said,  “If you help enough people  get what they want, you’ll ultimately get what you want.” So true. Teaching others to be free is what it’s about for me anyhow. I want people to know there is more than 9 to 5 work, and that they can get more time with their families.

So, what does becoming wealthy mean for you?



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