Be a Team Player and Win More Often

Have you heard that it takes a laundry list of items to be a team player? While some may disagree, being a team player is really easy. Sure, everyone is different but when you collaborate you can win more often.

You don’t have to agree with everyone on everything, and you don’t have to give in to things you don’t like to be on a team that is successful. However, I would encourage you to consider that to be part of a team there are qualities you need to have and skills you need to possess. Being reliable is just one of them, but there are many more qualities that you’ll need to adopt if you want to be a part of something larger than you.

So, what does it take to get to this point? What can you do to be a team player? I am going to share with you some important qualities it takes to become a team player, and how you can use these skills in your business on a daily basis!

Qualities You Need to Be a Team Player

While you may consider yourself to be a team player, are you really?

Not everyone is in the spirit of being a team but rather prefer to do it all alone and take the credit alone as well. This isn’t conducive ┬áto a team atmosphere, and it doesn’t promote the long term success of any business venture. Each of us must consider how we would go about choosing a team member that will add something to the team and NOT take away from the team effort.

What we do look for in this case?

1. Reliability. If you cannot rely on someone don’t expect them to be a team player. If you find people that are willing to do their fair share of the work you’ll have no problem with them in most cases. The willingness to do the tasks and bring them to completion is important, and they MUST be consistent.

2. Effective Communicator. When you are recruiting for team building, it’s important that you recruit members ┬áthat can communicate clearly and with constructive criticism. There isn’t anything wrong with making a point, but don’t do it in a way that makes others feel less valuable. Speaking with a positive attitude and confidence is always a good way to approach communicating with others.

3. Be a Good Listener. It has been said that listening is a lost art. Would you agree? The truth is listening puts you in the driver’s seat literally. It’s important that you listen and absorb all that you can so that you can be a more effective leader. It’s also important that you are able to receive constructive criticism in order to benefit your team. Remember, whether you are the leader or coach, you can only lead if you do so by example.

4. Be an Active Participant. If you are a sports fan, you may have heard coaches talk about their team “showing up to play today.” How true! You have to be a participator and NOT a spectator. If you want to be a team player, it’s all about leading by example and sharing with others how it’s done.

Do you sound like you have these qualities? If so, your a great candidate for any team, but you’ll be a much better leader too. Are you up for the challenge?

Training to Be a Team Player for the Good of the Team

If you are still working on becoming part of a team or someone that works well with a team, then you are about ready to build more relationships faster. Without learning more about how to build these qualities, and how to better FOCUS on the end result or team effort you’ll never be able to build the business you desire. You can overcome lack in your life and business with strong team building skills.

If you would like to learn more about how to “be a team player” and how to build relationhips with ease and grace, simply go HERE to learn more!
be a team player

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