Fear of Failure-it’s Overrated

The fear of failure is quite common whether you are starting a new job, entering college, or even entering your chosen field as a college graduate. However, you should know that fear is NOT a bad thing, but it’s a gift. If you recall, several years ago a book was published entitled, The Gift of […]

VW Tourage and Porsche Cayenne-Why They Are Kissing Cousins

The title just got your attention because I stated that the VW Toureg and the Porsche Cayenne are kissing cousins. Either you think I’m insane or you think I’m just goofy! Well, I can honestly say I’m a bit goofy, but there is a reason that I used this title. While you may think it […]

Brand Loyalty-Do Prospects Come Back to You Over and Over?

Brand loyalty is a term you might hear a lot when you see commercials from retailers. You might read about it in magazines, and you may even hear about this topic while watching shows like 60 Minutes, when CEO’s or company presidents are interviewed about their company and the changes they make. Why does branding […]

How to Become Successful in Life

Do you want to know how to become successful in life? I know it sounds crazy, but it’s so easy. Really, if I can have success ┬áin life you can too. There are some basic principles that I’ve learned along the way in building my business online, and these folks are much more successful than […]

Interpersonal Skills and Creating Value

Interpersonal skills are so important in this life, and not to mention that we could all use some help with this. Although I think I communicate well, there is always room for improvement, right? Have you ever felt like you were communicating vocally, but you just weren’t being heard? When growing my own business, whether […]

Communication Skills-the Key to Growing Any Business

Communication skills are essential to living life, and they are the foundation for building strong relationships in life and in business. More businesses have been successful as a result of their ability to communicate openly, and the ability to resolve conflict as a result of that communication. However, it takes the leader from the top […]

Home Based Jobs on the Rise

Home based jobs are on the rise as more moms search for a way to be at home with their kids. It’s no surprise after a lot of talk about Yahoo!, and how the CEO changed her mind on allowing staff to work from home. It seems that the need for control of an employee’s […]

Make Money by Being a Better Steward

Learning how to make money is easy, but learning how to earn money while training yourself to be a better steward of your time and resources is another idea. Most of you reading this believe that you’ll be able to live like Paris Hilton, Jim Carey, and do what the movie stars do, and while […]