Project AWOL-Why I Believe in it

Project AWOL may not mean much to you right now, but once you finish reading this blog post you’ll have a better understanding of why it’s important. This team is about another way of life, and it’s not just about living it but about sharing that way of life. Have you ever wanted to live […]

How to Become Rich in Everyday Life

Do you want to learn how to become rich in life and in business? Wouldn’t you like to have a greater understanding of what it means to be a servant leader? When I first started building my business online, I wanted to approach it from the standpoint of servant leadership. I wanted to be that […]

Teaching Others-the Pinnacle of Success

Have you ever heard that teaching others is the pinnacle of success? To hear most people talk about teaching, they only tell who has taught them, and not who they have taught. Teaching takes time and energy, no doubt. If you know something helped you, or you learned a valuable skill, wouldn’t you want to […]

Becoming Wealthy Means Giving First

Becoming wealthy isn’t what you think. In fact, you can take most of the ideas you have stuck in your head about it and just toss them out the window. Wealth is a relative term, and I find that most people that use it loosely, use it incorrectly. Can I get an amen? Wealth isn’t […]

Developing Relationships with Likeminded People

Developing relationships is important in any business, but when you are an entrepreneur, and you are building your business from the ground up, you need to build a strong foundation of like minded people you can network with. Networking is huge, and it’s necessary. If you watched even one of  the episodes of Project AWOL […]

An Industry First, Project AWOL Reality Show Prepares for Its Launch

This press release originally published here: May 2013 was a life changing experience for the team members, with 32 online entrepreneurs living the $100,000 a month lifestyle with private chefs, two mansions, and chauffeurs in Phuket, Thailand. Who was filming this lifestyle? The Hollywood based camera crew that brought you The Bachelorette, The Ultimate […]

Lifestyle by Design-Are You Living the Life You Desire?

The definition for living a lifestyle by design is simple; it’s all about living life on your terms and doing what you want, when you want, and with whomever you want.  You have heard me talk about the book 4 Hour Work Week, and that is because Tim Ferriss is the guy that introduced us […]

4 Hour Work Week and the Giving Jar Come Together-Episode 4

Did you know that there is a correlation to the 4 hour work week and giving to others? If you didn’t that is okay. The bottom line is that in this episode, you are going to see exactly how great Project AWOL is. It’s not always about doing business, but it’s about your WHY, and […]

Online Marketing is Another Way of Life-Episode 3

to In episode 3 of Project AWOL TV, you’ll see a new jar as we talk about the freedom of embracing online marketing. The idea that you can live another way of life is liberating, but it’s possible with our laptops. Can you think big? You may or may not think you do, but watching […]