How Can I Use the Internet to Make Money?

About two years ago, my big question was, “How can I use the internet to make money?” Wow, it’s a loaded question, right? For some people yes, and for others not to much, but the thing is so many of you have probably been burned by another marketer right? Believe me, I know the kind. […]

Work from Home-How to Get Ready and Make it Work

Work from Home and Change Your Life by Sam Furman | on May 18, 2013  If you want to work from home, I have some great news. You can do it. Sometimes, when you get into a rut with your work, you may feel as though you need a change of scenery, a new wardrobe, or maybe a vacation. Whatever […]

Fireman is Now a Marketer?

Did you ever imagine that a fireman would be able to tell you more about making career changes? Probably not, and if your house were on fire you would hope that I help you put that fire out. I would help put that fire out, and the objective is to do it quickly, but I will tell […]

Read These Awesome Quotes About Happiness!

Quotes about happiness are great to find, and it’s great to share happiness with others especially when times are tough. Could you define happiness? You have your own definition of what happinessis and what it is for you. This is why various countries all have their own idea of this emotion and what it is, what causes […]

Leadership Skills for Life and for Profit!

Do you have leadership skills? Do you know what these skills are or what they should be? Better yet, what makes a leader? It’s a great question, and it’s one that not many have figured out yet. The reality is that not everyone is a leader, nor were they born to be a leader. It’s […]

Leadership Qualities You Need

Leadership qualities are important for you if you plan to start and maintain a business. In fact, if you want to do anything great with your life, you need to focus on becoming a leader. There is no easy way around growing a profitable business, nor will there ever be an easy way to grow […]

What Money Making Ideas Could You Build Your Business With?

Need money making ideas to start your home business? There are tons of ideas, but only a few make the grade, long term. I am a firefighter, but that is a not job I can do from home. Naturally, I love what I do, but FREEDOM with my time is what causes me to look for something different to […]

Guerilla Marketing-What it is and Why You Should Use it

Guerilla marketing may be a popular book title, but the marketing techniques and tools that the book talk about are HUGE! What would you do if I shared with you the principles from the book that really work? If you could change something about your marketing campaign, what would it be? Can you reall market […]

Relationship Marketing-What is it?

Relationship marketing is not a term that is popular today. In fact, relationships seem to be last on the list, causing customers to believe that businesses are unapproachable, stiff, snooty, and only thinking about their bottom line. No one cares about service, am I right? So many business owners have complained that business is down, […]

How to Make Money the Way You Want to Make Money!

Learning how to make money on your own is no longer a mystery but an adventure! In fact, if I told you that in the year 2013 that you had more chances to start your own business and have moresuccess, would you believe me? The question isn’t “Can you?”, but “Will you?” There isn’t any reason to […]