Amazon CEO Makes His Mark on the Billionaires List!

If you were to talk to the Amazon CEO, what would you ask first? How he came up with such a great idea? Or, would you ask how in the world he made it to the Forbes list of billionaires? At age 49, Jeff Bezos knows it’s not always easy to come up with genius ideas, but it’s often just putting them into motion that makes a difference.

He set out with a great idea that he turned into profit only because he took action. That is what makes the difference between Bezos and everyone else. So, what does it take to become a billionaire that can live in Seattle and to become the owner of the Washington Post?

Today, I am going to share with you a little bit about Bezos as a person, and as an entrepreneur and how he made it happen from start to finish, and how he keeps everything going today!

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

The Beginnings of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

If you are reading this and you think wealthy people are awful, consider that you don’t know much about them just yet. I can remember thinking certain people only got certain things, and they wouldn’t let anyone in on their dirty little secret. I was wrong. I started looking at the profiles of wealthy people, their early life, family, and discovered that they really weren’t all that different from me anyhow.

It was in 2013 that this Amazon CEO became highly regarded as the top model for e-commerce and as an online retailer. This year, Bezos decided to purchase the Washington Post newspaper, and it all seems to go back to his passion for reading, books, and being an online retailer in general. His childhood wasn’t significant in any way, but rather like that of most Americans in that he had siblings, and his mother remarried when he was a young child.

Although he showed interest in things that were scientific, it was unfair to say that Bezos had any advantages in terms of his education, but rather he stayed busy as a child, and was always helping his grandfather on his ranch in Texas. So, what are some key factors so far? The best part? He rigged an alarm to keep his younger siblings out of his room!

  • He did things that interested him
  • He was helping others
  • He was always creating something

We all have the ability to create, but yet so few of us act on it. What have you done to keep busy? Do you have ideas that just sit on the shelf or do you take action? Bezos also decided to get an education, and at the time it was still what some would say is a good idea. However, he was persistent and wanted to learn more. Did you know that it’s important to keep learning, so that you can keep earning?

This is NOT a secret, this is what billionaires do!

What Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Does to Keep it Moving

Bezos wasn’t the “go to” for everything when he first founded Amazon in 1994, but he never gave up. Over the years, he found ways to grow his business and keep it going. He was interested in making shopping convenient and being innovative with the talents he was given in life.He didn’t start out in a high rise building but a garage. Would you call that an advantage?

Listen, no matter where you start your business, you can accomplish great things just as this Amazon CEO did beginning in 1994. Sometimes, you have humble beginnings, and most of the self-made billionaires are the ones that stay billionaires. In fact, he left what you could call a “well-paying job” and set out on his own. He knew he had greatness within him, but he didn’t let anyone tell him otherwise.

What will you do today to get your business going? You don’t need much, just the will and the persistence to do so. What is your WHY? If you would like to learn more about how others have gotten a humble start just like this “Amazon CEO” Jeff Bezos, go HERE to learn more!
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