Aldi Supermarket Billionaire Teaches Us a Lesson!

Chances are, you have heard of the Aldi supermarket, but you may not know much about what happens behind the scenes. This supermarket may surprise you as having an owner that is so well off, after all it’s a discount supermarket. Discounts can produce that kind of money? Apparently they can, and there is something that we can learn from it. With more than 4600 stores in 9 countries, it seems that Karl Albrecht the owner is onto something. So, what does he know that some other supermarket owners don’t know?

Well, if you look at the beginning of this super market chain, you’ll find that the idea was simple, and the owner was onto something when you presented this basic concept and turned it into a unique shopping experience.

Today, I wanted to share the story of how Albrecht got started, and how this store evolved over the years. This humble family business was based on solving problems and was encouraged by the efforts of family. The combination meant that something bigger was coming, and it did in the early 60’s. Today, although Albrecht is 93 and retired many years ago, the business is still quite successful today, helping millions spend less and get more.

Humble Beginnings of Aldi Supermarket

When Aldi supermarket was started, it was actually an idea hatched by Albrecth’s mother after World War II. Karl Albrecht and his brother Theo both started opening more stores, turning it into a larger retail chain than what their mother had started. The highlights of the  store that the family focused on were no frills and low prices. For them, it was simply a matter of keeping it simple and giving people what they needed, not all of the extras.

It just seemed so simple and basic. The two brothers decided to split the ownership in 1961, and have successfully run the business together up until the time Theo passed away in 2010. As family continues to run the store, the store hasn’t changed much. The core of the success with the business and WHY it has created a fortune is a direct result of the Albrecht family finding a problem and solving it.

This store was also a success because:

  • The stores offer basic needs and a few extras
  • They didn’t focus on being bigger they just wanted to focus on being better
  • The  focus was on helping other families versus helping themselves to a massive fortune

Everything that they did to create their store and shopping experience was meant to make the shopping easier, better, and more affordable for anyone that chooses to shop there. Wouldn’t you say that less truly is more? It all stands to reason that when you focus on problem solving with your business, and you focus on being more customer oriented you win. Am I right?

What You Can Learn from Aldi Supermarket

Over time you’ll learn that the less you focus on making money, the easier it will come to you. Focus on serving people, that is what Aldi did to start out and they still do today. They weren’t in the race to be bigger and better, or even to look fancy. They just wanted to keep it simple, and make it easy for people to shop and  get real  value without the fear of providing for their families.

Although the company has expanded the number of stores they have opened around the globe, you’ll likely learn more about them and even be tempted to check it out sometime soon! If you enjoyed reading this article about Aldi Supermarket, and you learned something new to help you in your business, please leave a comment below, and share with your friends!


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